Minecraft SMP (whitelist)

BeanyServ SMP is a whitelisted, survival-based, no PvP Minecraft server. The server has a max capacity of 20 players at any given time.


BeanyServ uses the plugin "Gringotts" for our economy. The economy is backed by gold (see "About Gringotts"). You can buy/sell items from other players using the ChestShop plugin (see "About ChestShop").

Amount Item
1 Gold Gold Nugget
9 Gold Gold Ignot
81 Gold Gold Block


· ChestShop
· ChopTree
· EnchantedFurance
· Gringotts
· SimpleBackup
· SimpleCheckLock
· TravelPad

About ChestShop

Just right-click the sign to buy. To create a shop, you'll simply create a sign within one block of a chest. To remove some confusion, you cannot "sell" to a shop on our server, only "buy". For the format of the sign and more information on how to create shop see here.

About ChopTree

When using an axe, simply chop the bottom most wood block and the entire tree will fall.

About Gringotts

Gringotts is an item-based economy (currency) plugin for the Bukkit Minecraft server platform. Unlike earlier economy plugins, all currency value and money transactions are based on actual items in Minecraft (emeralds).

Your money consists of gold in your inventory along with "vaults". These are created by simply placing a chest, then placing a sign above the chest with: "[Vault]". The chest is now linked to your account.

Be sure to lock the chest associated with the shop by using a stick! See "SimpleChestLock" below.

About SimpleChestLock

Simply slap a chest with a stick, and it's locked. Only you can access it.
Slap it with a stick again, and it'll be open for everyone.

About Travel Pads

To build a travel pad, you will need to place a brick block surrounded by obsidian (4 blocks). To use a travel pad, you will need redstone dust in your inventory.


· No griefing or stealing from other players.
· No PvP unless both players are in agreeance.
· If you plan to use TNT or flint & steel, please be extremely careful.
· Do not use TNT in excess. (ie. Don't make the terrain look awful.)
· Discriminatory or hateful language will not be tolerated.
· Ask before building near other players.
· If you know of a way to exploit the game, don't do it.
· No random 1x1 towers into the sky or floating blocks.

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